Vegan Day#27

Breakfast: so coconut yogurt, blackberries, banana
Lunch: grapes, apple, peanutbutter
Dinner: sweet potatoes fries, salad (avocado, red bell pepper, kale, swish chard, spinach)

Vegan Day #26

Breakfast: banana
Lunch: fruit salad & 2 tbsp of peanut butter
Dinner: spinach & half a bell pepper
Snack: chocolate silk milk

Vegan Day #25

Breakfast: banana
Lunch: fruit bowl
Snack: apple
Dinner: veggie straws and avocado

Not healthy at all.. and my mood and body show it today. Going to be healthier tomorrow.

Vegan day #22&23

Breakfast: q’ia seeds, 8 oz almond milk, banana
Snack: green apple
Lunch: fruit salad, 12 oz almond milk
Dinner: hummus and glutino pretzels (four handfuls)

Vegan Day #21

Breakfast: coconut acia berry bar, apple, coffee
Lunch: salad (bell pepper, greens, avocado, zesty dressing), 12 oz almond milk
Dinner: potatoe

Vegan Day#20

Breakdast: suja master cleanse, banana
Lunch: salad ( avocado, greens, orange Bell pepper, tomatoes)
Snack: apple, pomegranate raspberry nutrition bar

Vegan Day #19


Breakfast: shake ( 3 kiwiws, pear, apple, coconut water)
Lunch: apple, banana, 3 tbsp
Snack: nut and date bar
Dinner: hummus
Snack: nuts

Hard work paying off

Vegan Day #18

Breakfast: q’ia seeds, pear
Lunch: banana, apple, 4 tbsp of pb
Dinner: salad (greens, bell pepper, tomatoe) and mashed potatoes
Snack: banana chips, green tea

Vegan Day #17

Breakfast: q’ia seeds, almond milk, vanilla spice tea
Snack: banana chips, almond milk
Snack: veggie chips
Dunner: two mini wraps (rice, beans, salsa)

Vegan day#15 &#16

Had the same foods for both days

Breakfast: q’ia seeds, banana, silk milk
Lunch: salad with avocado and tomato
Snack: bell pepper
Dinner: rice
Snack: nuts, almond milk

Vegan Day #14

Breakfast: banana, kind bar
Lunch: pesr, granny Smith apple, honey crisp apple
Snack: banana, nuts
Dinner: chili